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Bridal Shoot Stylizing: 

I wanted to create a classic bridal look with different elements but also show how you don't have spent a ton of money in order to look nice. So this shoot was styled on a budget! Check it out:


Blue button up collared shirt from H&M - $15

Vintage tan suspenders from antique store - $5

Navy Bowtie from H&M - $15


Lace dress from Ross Dress for Less - $15

White lace headpiece from Walmart - $2

Peach and turquoise necklace from Walmart - $5

Sprig of leaves - Found in forest before shoot :o) 

Bouquet of flowers from Saturday Market - $10

Just looking at the photos, they look like a well dressed couple, very put together and true to the styles that we were going for. But, realizing that all of this can be done without breaking the bank, is a good takeaway for any bride on a budget. 

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